Strafford-Rockingham Region ITS Strategic Plan Webpage

This interactive mapping tool allows you to explore the projects that have been identified in the 2012 Strafford-Rockingham Region ITS Strategic Plan. This map is based on Google Maps and functions similarly. The boundaries for the Strafford and Rockingham regions can be highlighted by selecting the relevant checkboxes in the menu on the right of the map. The menu on the right also contains the list of project groups. Selecting the checkbox next to the project group will highlight those projects on the map. The color of the project indicates whether it is short-term, medium-term, or long-term. Selecting the name of the project group in the menu will display a list of the individual projects in the group. To obtain more information about the project, click on the project as it appears in the map.

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Click here for the full Strategic Plan document for the 2012 Strafford-Rockingham Region ITS Architecture

Strafford Region Boundary
Rockingham Region Boundary

Project Layers
Emergency Management (EM)
    EM-1 Evacuation ITS Improvements
    EM-2 US Route 4 Incident Reporting
    EM-3 Route 101 Corridor ITS
Information Management and Communications (IMC)
    IMC-1 SRPC Data Warehouse Study
    IMC-2 RPC Data Warehouse Study
    IMC-3 Bridge Security Surveillance and Interagency Video Exchange
    IMC-4 Region-to-TMC Communications Backbone (Region Wide)
Multimodal Management (MM)
    MM-1 Route 1 and Route 1A Integrated Corridor Management Study
    MM-2 Regional 511 Interface Study/Long-Range Plan (Region Wide)
Parking Management (PM)
    PM-1 Park-and-Ride ITS Improvements
Transit Management (PT)
    PT-1 Regional Call/Coordination Center for Demand Response Services (Region Wide)
    PT-2 Regional Transit ITS Procurement Coordination (Region Wide)
    PT-3 COAST Transit Signal Priority Implementation
    PT-4 Real-time Information for UNH Transit Users
    PT-5 Real-time Information for COAST Transit Users
    PT-6 Mobile Data Terminal Deployment for COAST Vehicles
Traffic Management (TM)
    TM-1 Signal Coordination and Maintenance Study (Region Wide)
    TM-2 US Route 4 Corridor ITS
    TM-3 Route 125 Corridor ITS
    TM-4 Route 111 Corridor ITS
    TM-5 NH Route 9 Corridor ITS
    TM-6 Route 108 Corridor ITS
    TM-7 Expansion of Open Road Tolling

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