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Economic Development - Strafford Region

Strafford Regional Planning Commission

The CEDS is both a document and a process; it is designed to bring together both private and public sectors to create a roadmap to strengthen regional economies. Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) will be responsible for developing and implementing a CEDS for Strafford County and the Towns of Brookfield and Wakefield in Carroll County.

The purpose of this web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for the region. Sections provide access to the stakeholders, the transportation systems in the region (the Inventory), the transportation-related functions that are envisioned, and the existing and planned integration opportunities in the region.
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This web page has an interactive mapping tool allows you to explore the projects that have been identified in the 2012 Strafford-Rockingham Region ITS Strategic Plan. It is based on Google Maps and allows for viewing of project groups and their time frame.

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An updated ten-year Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan for the Strafford-Rockingham region. [Download 5.3MB / 62 pages PDF]

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CEDS Overview, Vision & Mission


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Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) is convening business leaders and community stakeholders for the development of the Strafford Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). This includes a planning process designed to guide economic growth in the region and prioritize implementation projects. The CEDS will include all thirteen communities in Strafford County, and Wakefield and Brookfield in Carroll County.

The Strafford Strategy Committee is the leadership entity responsible for developing the document submitted to the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) for approval. This committee represents the main economic interests of the region and by regulation must include a majority membership from the private sector with the remaining members representing government and nonprofits.

The Strafford CEDS will portray the economic strengths and potential of Strafford County through:

  • Background and history of the economic development of the region including, geography, population, labor force, resources, and the environment.
  • Analysis of economic and community development problems and opportunities
  • Goals and objectives that established to solve economic problems of the region
  • Action plan, including projects to implement objectives and goals, performance measures
  • Description of public and community involvement in the planning process

A CEDS process and document is required for every region to qualify for federal EDA financial and resource assistance.


Engage in collaborative networks to sustain and grow the region's economic vitality and median income through business development, job creation, enhancement of the tax base, educational excellence, and cultural and civic diversity, all within a historic place rich in recreational opportunity and natural beauty.


The Strafford region supplies a multitude of work, living and learning environments that present choices for residents, businesses and visitors. The Strafford Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy collaborators strive to enhance the best the region has to offer through a linked effort of continuous improvements.

Through these efforts, the Strafford Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy collaborators will:

  • Build a business climate that encourages sustainable expansion of current employers and attracts diverse enterprises and entrepreneurs providing prosperity throughout the region.
  • Create innovative educational opportunities that are effective in meeting needs of current residents, attract talent to the region, and provides the workforce necessary to support business growth and development.
  • Maintain a quality of place ethic that values Strafford region’s natural resources, strengthens the agricultural and mill heritage, supports civic leadership and community volunteerism, and further develops cultural and recreational resources.
  • Develop a sustainable transportation infrastructure that not only moves people through but also to our communities to live, work and play.
  • Sustain high quality health, education, public safety, and social services as well as diverse housing options.

Educational Attainment Rate for the Strafford CEDS Region

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