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The CEDS is both a document and a process; it is designed to bring together both private and public sectors to create a roadmap to strengthen regional economies. Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) will be responsible for developing and implementing a CEDS for Strafford County and the Towns of Brookfield and Wakefield in Carroll County.

The purpose of this web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for the region. Sections provide access to the stakeholders, the transportation systems in the region (the Inventory), the transportation-related functions that are envisioned, and the existing and planned integration opportunities in the region.
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This web page has an interactive mapping tool allows you to explore the projects that have been identified in the 2012 Strafford-Rockingham Region ITS Strategic Plan. It is based on Google Maps and allows for viewing of project groups and their time frame.

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An updated ten-year Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan for the Strafford-Rockingham region. [Download 5.3MB / 62 pages PDF]

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Housing is an important concept to consider when planning for the future of the Strafford Region. The main planning document that analyzes housing in the region through a qualitative and quantitative approach is the Strafford Regional Housing Needs Assessment. The RSA that states that Regional Planning Commissions are resposible for compiling a Housing Needs assessment is RSA 36:47.

Past Projects

Annual Building Permit Inventory

The Annual Building Permit Inventory provides a look at new development and growth in the Strafford Region. Through contractual agreement with the NHDOT, building permit information from each municipality is collected and analyzed. This data is used to update the Strafford Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Transportation and Land Use Model and for municipal development planning purposes.

The most recent permit inventory includes new construction from January 1 to December 31, 2016. This report contains a summary analysis of activity within the region, a table of permit totals for 2016 by municipality, a chart illustrating permit allocation, line graphs showing changes in residential and commercial construction since 2008, and a map of new building locations in the region.

View the 2016 Annual Building Permit Inventory Report here.

View the 2015 Annual Building Permit Inventory Report here. [For subsequent earlier iterations of the report contact]

Housing and Demographics Chapters

Strafford Regional Planning Commisison has worked with multiple communities to draft Housing and Demographic chapters as part of municipal master plans for approval by towns and cities in the region. In 2015, the Town of Durham approved  the Demographics and Housing chapter as part of their Master Plan. In 2016, both Barrington and Newmarket approved Housing and Demographic chapters drafted by SRPC as part of their respective Master Plan updates.

Housing Needs Assessment 

The 2015 Housing Needs Assesment was completed as an appendix to Local Solutions for the Strafford Region. Bruce Mayberry of BCM Planning was contracted to complete this assesment along with input from SRPC staff and stakeholders.

The purpose of the regional housing needs assessment is ro evaluate supply, demand, cost, and affordability of housing within the Strafford Regional Planning Commission boundaries and to project the regional need for houisng for all age and income levels. When preparing the housin section of a local amster plan, a community should indicate how it plans to address the regional needs identified in this assessment.

Fair Housing Assessment

The Fair Housing and Equity Assessment is another guiding document that was created as an appendix to Local Solutions for the Strafford Region. This document illustrates a regional picture of both opportunity and equity in access to affordable or fair housing. Five components that are included in this analysis are the identification and assessment of:

  1. Segregated Areas and Areas of Increasing Diversity and/or Racial/Ethnic Integration
  2. Racially Concentrated Areas of Poverty
  3. Access to Existing Areas of High Opportunities
  4. Major Public Investment
  5. Fair Housing Issues, Services, and Activities


Download: 2016- Annual Building Permit Inventory Report; PDF; 8/9/2017

Download: Barrington Housing and Demographics Chapter [Approved 2016]; PDF;

Download: 2015 Annual Building Permit Inventory Report; PDF; 08/30/2016

Download: 2015 Fair Housing and Equity Assessment; PDF; 5.2MB;

Download: 2015 Regional Housing Needs Assessment; PDF: 3.25 MB;

Download: 2011 Workforce Housing Purchase and Rent Limits, RSA 674:58-61; ;

Download: SRPC 2009 Housing Needs Assessment; PDF 6.5 MB 22pg; Dec 2009

The purpose of the regional housing needs assessment is to evaluate supply, demand, cost and affordability of housing within the Strafford Regional Planning Commission boundaries and to project the regional need for housing for all ages and income levels

Download: SRPC 2004 Regional Housing Needs Assessment: Toward Housing; PDF 238kb, 22pg; 10/30/2008

Download: NHHFA - NH Housing Needs Study; PDF 1MB 37pg;

Download: Affordable Housing Covenant; PDF 1mb 26pg;

Download: Pursuit to Permanent Affordable Housing ; PDF 476 kb, 13 pages;

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