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The CEDS is both a document and a process; it is designed to bring together both private and public sectors to create a roadmap to strengthen regional economies. Strafford Regional Planning Commission (SRPC) will be responsible for developing and implementing a CEDS for Strafford County and the Towns of Brookfield and Wakefield in Carroll County.

The purpose of this web site is to encourage use of the regional ITS architecture and gather feedback so that the architecture is used and continues to reflect the intelligent transportation system vision for the region. Sections provide access to the stakeholders, the transportation systems in the region (the Inventory), the transportation-related functions that are envisioned, and the existing and planned integration opportunities in the region.
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This web page has an interactive mapping tool allows you to explore the projects that have been identified in the 2012 Strafford-Rockingham Region ITS Strategic Plan. It is based on Google Maps and allows for viewing of project groups and their time frame.

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An updated ten-year Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Strategic Plan for the Strafford-Rockingham region. [Download 5.3MB / 62 pages PDF]

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MPO Policy Committee

Committee Members


FY13 Appointee

Barrington Anthony Gaudiello
Brookfield Edward Comeau
Dover Tom Clark, Marcia Gasses, Tony McManus, Joshua Cote
Durham Wayne Burton
Farmington Vacant
Lee Scott Kemp, Caren Rossi
Madbury Tom Crosby
Middleton Lou Vita, Carol Vita
Milton Vacant
New Durham Dot Veisel
Newmarket Vacant
Northwood Scott Martin, Victoria Parmele
Nottingham Dirk Grotenhuis
Rochester Sandra Keans, Kenn Ortmann, Robert Jaffin
Rollinsford Edmund Jansen Jr., Patrick Carroll
Somersworth Paul Robidas, William Connor, Brian Tapscott
Strafford Donald Coker
Strafford County George Maglaras
Wakefield Steve Brown

Voting Agency

FY13 Appointee

NHDES Air Resource Division (NHDES-ARD) Paul Lockwood, Felice Janelle
NHDOT William Watson, Karla Kemp, Glenn Davison
COAST Rad Nichols, Jeremy LaRose (Alt)
UNH Stephen Pesci, Dirk Timmons, Beverly Cray

Non-Voting Agency

FY13 Appointee

NHDOT - Aeronautics Division (NHDOT-AD) Carol Niewola
NHDOT - Bureau of Rail and Transit (NHDOT-BRRT) Shelley Winters
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Leigh Levine
Southern ME Regional Planning Commission (SMRPC) Tom Reinauer, Paul Schumacher (Alt)

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